The site has been located in Delhi and has a huge recreational area in front of the villa. As per the client’s he wants the ambience of the integrating contemporary yet traditional interior designing.


Different kind of seating arrangement has been proposed as per the usability of residents. No segregations of zones has been done by given doors at the space and yet the outer recreational space becomes part of built structure visually through the curtain walls on the façade.


The perfect geometrical shapes in the arches and in false ceiling grid give feeling traditional interior style. Eye soothing effect is generated through analogous color tones. Earthy pastel colors are used to achieve the warm and cozy feeling of ambience of the living and dining space. The fine gold metal jali with traditional pattern make the space energetic. The contemporary accessories add the lavish and luxurious ambience to dining. Warm lights help in generating the focal point of individual space and also add gradient to textures of the wall finish. Soft furnishing of the furniture fabrics is keep soft textured and plain to maintain the lightness place.



Project: Residential Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Area: 1800 Sq. Ft.