The DesignAlgo is a contemplation of a design system that redefines and reinvents the architectural manifolds, beyond the basic standards. We believe that every project has its own idea and thought that is established through the journey of its development and expression.

At TDA, we celebrate lines, forms, art and media as a part of the array to evolve contemporary styled structures. For us, design is the means, which transcends to create a new and better reality. We understand the ethics of visual and movement axes, emphasis, rhythm, hierarchy, symmetry, harmony and unity for application and service.

Here, design is a comprehension of absolute freedom and autonomy and yet harmonious and symphonic with the context around. The prevalent context of the site plays an essential role in the development of design, holding it essence by scale, planning, form, material and various other elements.

We explore and examine the amalgamation of planning and incorporation of necessary sustainability as well as the application of traditions and conducts articulated in a contemporary aesthetic language and material sensibility, to transform the exquisites of the structure yet retaining the character of determinate spaces.

With a dedicated team of promising architects and expertise in architecture, interior design and landscape, the team is committed to the delivery of seamless execution of design ideas, solutions and visions of powerful creativity from concept to completion. Our focus is on serving our clients effectively.